Robert W Benson (rugbyrwbenson)

Robert W Benson (rugbyrwbenson)

Robert Benson - San Carlos, CA

The galleries below show a number of pictures of various rugby teams with which I am affiliated - Peninsula Green High School Rugby Football Club, PAXO Olde Blacks, Harvard Business School Old Boys, Stanford Seahawk Youth Rugby, and the USA HSAA, U19 & U20 Rugby Team. Note: For the USA U19 tours and camps I have included a majority of shots that have both good composition and good focus. In order to include shots of all the players and to cover the action I have also included some shots that are not in crisp focus.

I have also added Wedding pictures, Benson travel pictures and Soccer pictures for the teams from Sacred Heart Prep, and the San Carlos Barracudas. The golf pictures are from the Rich May Memorial Golf tournament.

The pictures can be viewed in a variety of ways, but there are two particularly nice things about smugmug:
-- Slideshow: You can view them as a full screen slide show (click on slideshow).
-- Download full size photos: All photos are available to download for free (they are stored in the original pixel size so you can download the full sized picture) Hover over the picture and click on 'original'. When you do this an original size picture will appear on the screen. Right click on the picture, pick copy and then save to your computer. If you want Smugmug to send printed pictures you can purchase from smugmug.

If you have any photos that you would like to contact me about, don't hesitate to email me at or call me at 650-520-1060.
2012 Peninsula Green Rugby vs Los Gatos Lions 01-14-12: George Fifita runs up field through multiple Los Gatos defenders on his way to a try (Clsup).  John (Rambo) Warnock is in support. (004)